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A little about La Belle Patate Vancouver

La Belle Patate is proud to make authentic Québécois cuisine that even the most proud Francophone would approve of (plus we ensure that the curds always have that fresh squeak).

At this location our Poutines come with an endless array of toppings to make your mouth water, actually we have over 40 variety of Poutines.  We also serve Montréal smoked meat sandwiches, authentic steamed hotdogs and a great selection of beer that would do any

hungry Canadian proud.

The Vancouver location of La Belle Patate opened on December 5th, 2009. Since then we have served thousands of Poutine to thousands of great customers in the Greater Vancouver region and many visitors from all over North America and many part of the World. We are committed to offer the best food possible and offer the best service possible. If we come short to do so please feel free to contact us so we can fix the problem 


With your feedback and support we will continue growing and serving your favorite

French Canadian dish.


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